YONA UNEGA / OSO BLANCO - Cherokee Prayer & Songs CD-R

YONA UNEGA / OSO BLANCO - Cherokee Prayer & Songs CD-R

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The Cherokee Prayer and Songs were recorded from USP Victorville high security prison in California via phone by Pain Chain (Sam Gayheart) across the country at The Falling Rock Zone in Taunton, MA in 2022.

Artwork: Thunder Boys by Yona Unega/Oso Blanco for Children's Art Project (CAP)


Oso Blanco is a native warrior.

While his Cherokee name is Yona Unega (White Bear), from growing up in New Mexico he is used to being called Oso Blanco (White Bear in Spanish). He is now serving 55 years in prison for bank robbery, aggravated assault on the FBI, escape and firearms charges. Oso Blanco defended himself from federal agents in a gun battle on August 13th 1999 at his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although he escaped, he was arrested later that day. After being held just over a year in New Mexico State Penitentiary, he escaped from a prison transport van and almost immediately began robbing banks. He was recaptured a short time later. Oso Blanco never used a gun in any bank robbery, but he has a long history of living by the gun and will not hesitate to use it on the agents of repression or the occupiers of Aztlan whom force false laws on the true people of this land. He is not asking for monetary support– he’s only asking that people become aware of indigenous people’s issues. In an interview he expressed: “I am still able to hold my head up high and feel the gratification for my work in a world where money, power and destructive industries are regarded far above humanity, indigenous and impoverished peoples and cultures. I cannot help that I got deeply into my work…”

Funds from the digital and physical release will be donated to Children's Art Project (CAP) to support children in the Zapatista zone of Mexico

Visit freeosoblanco.org to learn more