Two Thousand Maniacs Original Soundtrack LP

Two Thousand Maniacs Original Soundtrack LP

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There’s a story you should know…

  • Audio remastered

  • First time the complete score has been available on any format (there was a rad Rhino release in 84 that had about half the cues)

  • Liner notes by Herschell Gordon Lewis

  • Stoughton gatefold packaging, full color inner sleeve

  • Includes two bonus songs (me recording HG Lewis a few months before he passed away)

"It should be noted, some of the audio sources for this were better than others so some of it sounds a little iffy. We worked with what exists and considering it’s a 54 year old movie, I think it sounds pretty good. Just putting this out there for those that are picky so that you don’t have audiophile expectations on it. Most of it sounds ace though."