The Electric Chair (Blu-ray)

The Electric Chair (Blu-ray)

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Like a Jolt of lighting strikes!  The Electric Chair sizzles!
The late director J.G. Patterson (AXE, BODY SHOP) creates a heart pounding murder shocker!  In a small dead end town, the murder of an innocent couple leads to police detective work, a newspaper seeking clues, and some intense court room drama to find out who committed the grisly murders.   Young local Rev. Samuel Moss (Barry Bell) is married to a lady older than him (Nita Patterson, director’s real-life wife), but he falls for local troubled lady Marilyn (Katherine Cortez) and the scandal in the town begins.  When the young couple is found brutally murdered, the police can not make this murder pass since the killing was so grisly.  Who did it?  Was it Rev Moss’s jealous wife?  Was it his mentally insane brother-in-law Crazy Bill (played by real life missing fugitive William Hipp)?  Or maybe it was corrupt Gay Ganew clone, Attorney Klein (stage actor Martin McDonald)?   Or could it be the #1 suspect Mose Cooper (played by director Patterson), or even the mysterious man in the courtroom (Larry Drake, DR. GIGGLES).  Who knows in this potboiler of Southern North Carolina Madness – a lost cult classic!  This electrifying movie was released on 42nd Street under several different titles!  The previous release of the film on DVD was a heavily edited version. CODE RED is proud to present the longer director’s cut for your grindhouse enjoyment!  Strap in and prepare to get shocked!

HD scan of the original 98 min Directors cut!

Watch this in Maria’s B movie Mayhem!

Audio commentary with Phil Smoot and Worth Keeter

Interview with Jerry Whittington