The Amazing Mr. No Legs (Blu-ray)

The Amazing Mr. No Legs (Blu-ray)

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Double amputee, Mr. No Legs, may not seem much of a threat at first, but cross him and you’ll see why he’s Florida’s ruthless drug kingpin D’Angelo’s deadliest enforcer. With his unique martial arts mastery and shotgun-wielding wheelchair, Mr. No Legs is virtually unstoppable. But when a henchman kills the sister of a straight-shooting cop, D’Angelo’s whole enterprise may come undone and threaten to bring No Legs down with it.

Director Ricou Browning (co-creator of FLIPPER and titular star of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON) brings us into a world full of double-crosses, cover-ups, bloody bar brawls, and weaponized wheelchairs with MR. NO LEGS!

Massacre Video proudly presents this wild, wheeled 70s crime story for the first time in HD, with a brand new 2K restoration from the only known 35mm film elements in existence!

•Brand New 2k Restoration from EXTREMELY RARE French 35mm Print.
•English, French, and German Audio Options.
•Uncut Composite from 35mm Print and Video Masters.
•English Captions for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
•Extensive Stills Gallery.
•Trailers for other Massacre Video releases.
•Plus other Surprises.
Color, 88 minutes, in English, with French and German options
Region All.
High Definition 1080p 1.85:1
PCM Mono
Production year:  1974 in the USA
Director:  Ricou Browning
Cast:  Richard Jaeckel, John Agar, Rance Howard, Ted Vollrath