STRANGE DAYS Volume 7, Summer 2021

STRANGE DAYS Volume 7, Summer 2021

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"Praise the sun and the long days while we still can. Volume 7 is full of interesting lore to keep you entertained during the dog days. Read about New England's most mysterious standing stones, encounters with Sasquatch-like creatures, UFOs, the death of a cult leader and more.

Volume 7 is 32 pages, black and white text, and photos. 5x7in.

Strange Days is a self-published, Fortean themed zine. It's full of original stories, essays and first hand accounts about the strange and unusual things around around us. Stories of ghosts, UFOs, men in black, cryptids, exorcists and more! It also features the work of many great photographers and illustrators.

For fans of Fortean Times, John Keel, Fate magazine, general high strangeness, ufology, and the occult."