SHITFUCKER - Sex With Dead Body cassette

SHITFUCKER - Sex With Dead Body cassette

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"Once one of the metal underground's best-kept secrets, Detroit scum-crew SHITFUCKER burst into the public's consciousness with utter and unrelenting rudeness with their now-classic debut album, "Suck Cocks in Hell," in 2013 courtesy of HELLS HEADBANGERS. Prolific before that album and prolific after, the power-trio kept apace with salacious split recordings with the considerable likes of BONEHUNTER, Midnight, and Japan's Abigail. But, it was later during the summer of 2019 when SHITFUCKER alluded to something truly nasty brewing, with the four-song "Ricky's Dead" demo...

At long last, it's arrived: SHITFUCKER's second full-length, 'Sex With Dead Body." Characteristically OTT as its title and comprising re-recorded versions of those four demo songs, "Sex With Dead Body" is an altogether sleazier and more haunting iteration of SHITFUCKER's by-now-characteristic aesthetic. Mainlining G.I.S.M. and the Japanese Ghoul into earliest Bathory and Sodom - so, basically think 1984 - what spews forth is a swirling and oft-disorienting fever dream of ancient blackthrash and toxic hardcore-punk, pumped full of disease, degradation, and devil worship. Yet, SHITFUCKER more than ever prove here that they're astute songwriters, ably channeling the most ragged spirits of HARD rock 'n' roll and kicking out anthems that hail all sorts of unsavory things (hint: re-read that album title).

Although it's been six long years between albums, "Sex With Dead Body" proves that SHITFUCKER are still charismatic masters of apocalyptic witching metal of the highest order/odor. Get fucking, or get fucked!"

 "The second full-length of fractured filth! Only three long years in the making because the band just doesn't give a fuck. They don't even know it's been that long cause of the acid haze. And really, this record probably should have stayed buried like the ugly, oozing, rotten piece of shit that it is...."