RITUALS & DECLARATIONS Volume 2, Issue 3 - Summer/Autumn 2021

RITUALS & DECLARATIONS Volume 2, Issue 3 - Summer/Autumn 2021

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Limited run small-press magazine about the Weird, published quarterly.


* How to Build A Community in the Apocalypse - by L. B. Limbrey
* Moor - by Sylvia Warren
* A Dream of Brighton - by Ben Graham
* Ponderings Upon Losing Yourself To Find The Way - by Bec Lambert
* Acid Renaissance: Albion’s True Standard Advanced - by Paul Watson
* Scrying Rites - by Maria Blyth
* Power Up! The Radical Art of Sister Corita Kent - by David Bramwell
* The Feminine Power at the Heart of the Book of Enoch - by Beth Winegarner
* Magical Violence Within Buddhist and Eastern Philosophy - by Sheer Zed
* Kissing the Eel: by Emily Banting - Reprinted with the kind permission of David Southwell, with art by Maria Strutz
* Strange Love; Mystified; Dead Saturday - by Kevin Bateman

* Cover art by Maria Strutz

UK import (some copies have slight imperfections around the corners. We will be careful to send you the copy in the best available condition)