Resurrect Dead - The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles (DVD)

Resurrect Dead - The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles (DVD)

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Directed by Jon Foy; 2011

Strangeness is afoot. Most people don't notice the hundreds of cryptic tiled messages about resurrecting the dead that have been appearing in city streets over the past three decades. But Justin Duerr does. For years, finding an answer to this long-standing urban mystery has been his obsession. He has been collecting clues that the tiler has embedded in the streets of major cities across the U.S. and South America. But as Justin starts piecing together key events of the past he finds a story that is more surreal than he imagined, and one that hits disturbingly close to home.


"Compelling" - Andy Webster, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"An uncommonly sensitive and layered portrait of outsider-dom" - Eric Hynes, THE VILLAGE VOICE

" A surreal fable" - Benjamin Sutton, THE L MAGAZINE

"The bizarre, yet utterly hypnotic love child of David Lynch and Errol Morris [...] easily one of the most unique and satisfying documentaries of the year." - Andrew Mack, TWITCH.COM

"You couldn’t write a better mystery story than life did in this documentary" -Mark Bell, FILM THREAT

 "a compelling web of circumstantial clues" -Sam Adams, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

"Enjoyably cryptic" -Eric Kohn, indieWIRE

"One of the surprise word-of-mouth hits at Sundance" -Anne Thompson, indieWIRE

"Foy has painted a softer, heartfelt portrait of one eccentric in search of another." -John Lopez, VANITY FAIR

"A dizzying black hole of conspiracy theory and misdirection." -Kim Voynar, MOVIECITYNEWS.COM

"The life and journey of a man destined for an answer...nothing short of extraordinary" -Stephen Davis, COLLEGE MOVIE REVIEW

"fascinating and wonderfully quirky...What Foy and his team discover is unbelievable...good storytelling and engaging subjects...(a) strange and unforgettable journey...(Foy) makes the most artful and persuasive introduction to North American arthouse audiences with Resurrect Dead. A subject like the "Toynbee Tiles" only comes along once in a lifetime...It’s a crowd pleasing riddle in the vein of Exit Through The Gift Shop" -Steve Ramos, BOX OFFICE MAGAZINE