PINKO AND THE ACTION BOYS - Louder Than Everything LP

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“Whomping high-energy hardcore punk with agitated, gritted-teeth vocals and a rough and fast oeuvre.” -Al Quint, Maximum Rocknroll #325

Another regular MRR columnist would infamously review this record while listening to it on the wrong speed (but still regard it as fast even on 33 1/3rpm), completely misread the band’s thematic delivery and then pass away mere months afterward. Don’t make the same mistake! Louder Than Everything is a fine slice of authentic Maine cuisine, though it may be deadly if consumed incorrectly due to its high levels of tetrodomoxin.

Yes, the dominant flavor in this full-length serving is decidedly AWESOME and the Action Boys’ speedy little dish now takes its turn onto your table in an array of three striking disc colors:

-Moxie Man Outline BLUE

-Diet Moxie WHITE

-Midnight Behind Food City BLACK

All equally delicious and garnished with a complimentary compact disc, vinyl sticker, guitar pick and field guide containing lyrics, insightful strategies, plus the Rock’s secret recipe for Action Loaf.

What’s more? To accompany the purchase of this LP, one lucky random customer will receive a BONUS copy of PINKO AND THE ACTION BOYS’ somewhat hard to find 7 inch appetizer! Originally released on Waste Management Records in February 2000 AD, the Pinko Moxie Army EP was a milestone entry in the shadowy realm of Maine Punk... Trousers were large and hardcore was mostly chuggy, save for the battle anthems of a few brave souls rising out from the Lakes Region netherworld of Bridgton township.

In the decade following its release, circulation of the Pinko Moxie Army 7” and A Call For Action demo essentially rallied the youth throughout the land on a furious trajectory into Grange halls, American Legions, dilapidated barns, garages, garage attics and sweaty basements. PINKO AND THE ACTION BOYS united these fledging diabetics in circular ritual formation within the makeshift sanctuaries so as to fully activate the hidden power of PMA by frequent ingestion of a sacred gentian root elixir. The astounding results of such behavior have been obscured over time.

For a swarm of us northeastern punks, Maine in the early 2000s became a blank canvas to spit out idealistic visions of what we wished to see for the world as a whole… “The Way Life Should Be” more often than not felt like reaching for scraps which could never fully materialize in this geographic region. Though whenever we caught Pinko making their rounds, we were happy to be home. The band provided a soundtrack for reckless adventuring and illuminated our Maine Punk pride far beyond state lines. They offered studio recording and PA services to the inexperienced, were a steady pillar of support on countless shows organized for touring bands and at more than a passing listen, offered a taste of the fine comedic delivery reserved more exclusively for the inner circle of the Action Boy Mansion elite. PINKO AND THE ACTION BOYS were simply a fun band through and through.

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