PEREGRINE / AURYN - Green Scare Benefit split CD digipak

PEREGRINE / AURYN - Green Scare Benefit split CD digipak

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"Peregrine deliver 3 new tracks of their blend of blackened death metal. Increasing the technicality and brutality from "The Agrarian Curse", these tracks take it to the next level.

Pittsburgh's Auryn offer up 4 tracks of in your face, emotionally driven, apocalyptic crust. Combing the feel of 90s Ebullition-style hardcore with the epicness of modern down tuned crust.

The Green Scare refers to the on going efforts of those in power to lock up those who fight for the liberation of the earth and of animals from the oppressive, all-encompassing grip of civilization. Branded as "eco-terrorists", they're facing increasing levels of harassment and lengthy sentences in jail for acts which have never harmed another human nor animal.

The money raised from this CD goes to help those in jail, facing trial and those caught in the widely cast net of the state."