Paganini Horror (Blu-ray/CD)

Paganini Horror (Blu-ray/CD)

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From producer Fabrizio De Angelis (ZOMBIE, THE BEYOND, KILLER CROCODILE), writer/director Luigi Cozzi (CONTAMINATION, STARCRASH) and co-writer/star Daria Nicolodi (DEEP RED, TENEBRAE) comes one of the most hard-to-find shockers from Italian Horror’s greatest decade: When an all-girl rock band records an unpublished song by Niccolò Paganini – the 19th century composer said to have sold his soul to the Devil – they will unleash a skintight spandex nightmare of extreme violins, cheesy power ballads, SUSPIRIA-influenced lighting and outlandish Satanic havoc that QuietCool calls “serious fun…it drips with as much love as it does with blood and gore.” Jasmine Maimone (DEMONS), Pascal Perciano (VOICES FROM BEYOND) and the legendary Donald Pleasence co-star in this “kooky, stylish and definitely recommended flick” (, now transferred in 2k from the original negative.

- Play It Again Paganini - Interview with Director Luigi Cozzi
- The Devil’s Music – Interview with Actor Pietro Genuardi
- Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending
- Trailer

“Pure entertainment… It’s colorful, bizarre fun for those of us who appreciate Luigi Cozzi’s love for cinema.” - Ninja Dixon

“A whole hell of a lot of fun… It’s a step or two above most ‘80s Heavy Metal horror. ” - Third Eye Cinema