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Topnotch black metal zine from 2007 edited by John Mincemoyer featuring 

Akitsa, Aluk Todolo, Avsky, Dead Raven Choir, Dialing In, Gnaw Their Tongues, Immolation, IXXI, Lugubrum, Necros Christos, Necrovation, Throneum, and Vargr, plus 7 1/2 pages of reviews.

Oaken Throne 6 is filled with exclusive illustrations by Metal’s finest artists, our cover being drawn by David Vincent D’Andrea, with additional illustrations by Justin Bartlett, Chris Parry, Jeff Smack, Scott Langlais, Adam Watson, and photography by Ben West.

OT6 is printed to the same unique 7×7 inch format as the previous three issues, its cardstock covers the same silver-on-black as has become the Oaken Throne trademark. (CD not included)