MEDICAL ASTROLOGY IN ACTION: The Transits of Health by Judith Hill

MEDICAL ASTROLOGY IN ACTION: The Transits of Health by Judith Hill

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Medical Astrology in Action, by award winning, internationally recognized author Hill, is the only book in print exclusively devoted to the distinctly physical and medical impacts of the transiting Sun, Moon, planets and Lunar Nodes upon the natal chart. This is a practical repertory, useful for both natal and transit charts. Hill's liberal inclusion of Field Notes, Herbal Tips, and Surgical Notes makes for delectable reading. All major aspects are discussed, with an emphasis on conjunctions. Illuminating entry chapters explain and demonstrate "aspect mechanics" and other fine details of chart interpretation.

The popular author packs her lifetime of experience and vast knowledge into this significant work, comprising a dramatic advance in the state of the art. Foreword by renowned Herbalist, Matthew Wood, AHG, MSc. No fluff or padding here; this book is all depth! Suitable for students of astrology and professionals alike. Beautifully illustrated by the author.

"Medical Astrology in Action is an epic tome that should be on the shelf of every astrologer who is fascinated with medical astrology. Her style is simple, to the point, clear, and entertaining, all rolled into one. In this book, Judith goes beyond previously published works to bring forth new insights on how the planets and the natal chart play out in the human frame. Hill displays an understanding of medical astrology and its application that obviously comes from decades of study, direct experience, and awareness of the human body and its workings.

The information on each planet's transits and the havoc they can play with one's health has never to my knowledge been written about so clearly or thoroughly. This will be my new "go to" reference book for clarification of planetary energetics and how to interpret them.

Thank you for writing this book, it is a gift to our profession."

- Kira Sutherland, Australian Naturopath and Medical Astrologer, BHSc,

"Written by a modern day medical astrology master, Judith Hill presents a compre-hensive treatise on the medical effects of transiting planets. Unlike any other medical astrology text, this astrological repertory helps the practitioner to not only find the astral roots of disease, but the specific remedial actions to take for true healing.

This major contribution to medical astrology literature will become an indispensable guide for the astrologically inclined physician, herbalist, or healer of any kind." - Sajah Popham, B.S. Herbal Science & author of Evolutionary Herbalism

"In this original work, Judith Hill remains faithful to the legacy of the historical masters of medical astrology, while adding her insights gleaned from a lifetime of study and practice. The result is a dramatic advance in the state of the art. This book is an essential text for the study and practice of medical astrology, presenting this truly vast wealth of knowledge in an organized and usable format. In addition, all astrologers will find this book of interest, as it explains and puts into practice some of the more challenging elements of chart interpretation that are rarely discussed in print." - Mark Polit, Astrologer, Dayan Qigong Teacher