JAKOB BATTICK - Rabbit's Moon cassette

JAKOB BATTICK - Rabbit's Moon cassette

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"Rabbit's Moon is the culmination of three years of songs shifting shape, transforming and stretching over time like ghosts trapped on a series of deteriorating tapes. The oldest of these six songs, "Palms on Bonita", has been gestating since before Jakob Battick's 2018 debut To Be Born Again & Again was released, and it's grown three times in size since its conception, following a winding, esoteric path all its own along the way.

Here, 'the song' is malleable material written to be warped and bent into an afterlife beyond traditional songwriting convention. Songs are draped in layers of shimmering sound, hovering according to the outsider logic of their own anti-gravity arrangements, and even allowed to lapse into a nebulous, half-speed crawl.

This is the natural next step in Jakob's evolution, embracing drone and post-minimalist hypnotism at its core, and burrowing deeper into the slow motion shadows at the heart of the songs than ever before." 

Dedicated with love to Kenneth Anger.
Look to the moon + play this very loudly.