INFINEXHUMA - Arcade cassette

INFINEXHUMA - Arcade cassette

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The Infinexhuma journey continues, past the chaos of the last plane, through the transitional tunnel, into a realm of doors and choices, in which an important discovery is made. 

A billion years of change 
Sealed within a human journey 
All terrain faced, without retreat 
And so the path clears 

A severance was perceived 
A departure is necessary 
Dwelling regained, assemble, remerge 
A glow now grows, immeasurable force 

Now to open doors untouched 
Feared for eternities before matter 
Infinite exhumation, infinite purpose 
This arcade holds truth, holds future 

Heavy layering of multi frequency drones beam across the pan spectrum, dodging each other within a sonic ocean of works from 5 years prior and beyond blended as well with nature recordings of water, wind, earth, rain, Sygyt Tuvan throat singing and many analog and digital synth and feedback layers and drones. Deep sub bass drones occasionally sweep up beneath the glistening mid and hi range mixture of sound in this unrelenting atmosphere with little to no silence apart from the track entrances and exits, yet without abrasion taking a backseat with ease to a setting as a background, while maintaining its path and aim.