IMIPOLEX - Order of The Epimethean Flame  cassette

IMIPOLEX - Order of The Epimethean Flame cassette

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Black/death metal from Portland Maine

“mashup of black metal, grindcore, sludge and cavernous death metal...Raw chaotic rhythms, with majestic leanings, drenched in dirge against an atmosphere which screams subterranean rituals lost to the passage of time” 

-Cult Metal Flix

“Chaotic, grindy blackened death, techy explosions.”
-The SludgeLord

"The band mix these styles in a way which never feels divisive, with riffs and leads flowing into each other brilliantly.. rough and raw in it's production, but that gives it the kind of abrasive atmosphere that many modern death and black metal bands miss. A hugely promising debut."
-Wolves in the Drone Doom