SONIA RUTSTEIN - IGOR & THE LUNATICS  Original Soundtrack cassette

SONIA RUTSTEIN - IGOR & THE LUNATICS Original Soundtrack cassette

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This is the first time the score has been available on any format. The audio was pulled from original tapes and remastered. Only a very limited quantity pressed!

Sixteen years ago…Random bloodshed ran rampant and a terrible tidal wave of brutal slaughter flooded Tromaville.  The townspeople finally caught up with Igor and his evil blood-thirsty gang and locked them away to rot in prison.  Peace and tranquility filled the small village once again. But now they’re on probation… They’re more deranged, demented and deadly than before! IGOR & THE LUNATICS are back to seek revenge upon the town that sent them away, and finish what they started sixteen years ago!  If you scare easily, be warned!  Prepare yourself for the unrelenting evil and terror of this crazed religious sex cult out for revenge! Get ready for a rampage of brutal raping, torturing and murdering…climaxing in one of the most frightening and violent bloodbaths ever captured on film!  It’s IGOR & THE LUNATICS!