Hellier - Season One (Blu-ray)

Hellier - Season One (Blu-ray)

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This two-disc edition of Hellier Season One features beautiful Full HD episodes, commentary tracks from the full cast and crew, and deleted scenes.


In 2012, Greg Newkirk received an email from a man calling himself David Christie, who claimed that he and his family were being terrorized by unearthly creatures by night. After exchanging emails, David disappeared. For the next five years, the case only got stranger, as more connections and mysterious emails came in. Then, in 2017, Greg and a team of researchers traveled to rural Kentucky, not knowing what they would uncover, or how deep they would discover the case might go.

That was the premise of the five-part first season of Hellier, a paranormal documentary series and true labor of love from all those involved. The first season was put together on a shoestring budget with only the collection of prosumer DSLR cameras that the director, Karl Pfeiffer, and his friends could assemble.

But Hellier didn't stop there. Despite spending hundreds of hours in the editing bay and releasing season one to much acclaim in January of 2019, the team continued to research and explore, and the case only blossomed. After thousands of miles of driving, months of research and filming, Hellier returned just 10 months later, in November of 2019, with a second season run of ten full-length episodes. 

Like season one, Hellier Two was completely self-funded, almost entirely with the money that Hellier Season One made. Due to that modest boost, Karl upgraded his equipment in order to better embrace the cinematic feel that made season one so compelling to many viewers, while still remaining entirely self-produced.

"Combined, Hellier seasons one and two cost less than a tenth of the budget of a single episode of a traditional paranormal reality show."

Many on the team sacrificed television offers of starring roles, or development deals based on the goblins story. But it was worth it, they agreed. The story was too good and too special for Greg and Dana to give over creative control. The project was the perfect opportunity to do something truly novel and groundbreaking in the otherwise stagnant paranormal television space: make something bigger than just being scary and shallow, something wondrous, something artistic and cerebral, something that doesn't shy away from the truly bizarre, something that moves at a different pace.

They made the show they'd always wanted to see. And they hoped that many out there wanted the same thing.