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Gathered Remains is the new collection of essays from primal anarchist writer, Kevin Tucker. It focuses on understanding how domestication undermines our needs as social animals and redirects them through the processes of domestication to buy complacency. In depth looks at the nature and rise of addiction, the ownership of violence by the state and subjugation to the law, the inherent disconnect of the Interface Revolution and social media, and how domestication shifts our ability to grasp wildness and resilience, plus much more. 

"The essays of Gathered Remains form a coherent whole, in the best traditions of the likes of Paul Shepard and Fredy Perlman. They explore wildness, community and resistance and are grounded in the realities of struggles past and present. They inform what faces us today, the depth that our blows against it must achieve.

His work is a rare example of the deeply from-the-heart, and of first-rate scholarship. His wide-ranging essays are tops in both categories. Kevin Tucker is unrelenting and uncompromising. His writings are stand-out, must-read offerings, all the more so in these days of crisis."

- John Zerzan, from the preface, author of Future Primitive and Elements of Refusal 

"Gathered Remains is the definitive tour de force for our times. With writing that flows like a wind-kissed field, Tucker's impeccable reason and rich scholarship forges something unique: inspiration in the face of soul-breaking truth. In so doing, we are provided with a map of reality, and critically, a way to live in harmony with nature again."

 - G.A. Bradshaw PhD, PhD, author of Carnivore Minds, Elephants on the Edge, and Executive Director of the Kerulos Center. ​ 

"Kevin Tucker's writings have been absolutely essential in the development of an emerging branch of anarchist thinking about the natural world, environmental activism, and the nature of civilization itself. Drawing from his diverse studies of naturalists, philosophers, and contemporary ethnographers, Tucker's work is staggering for both its breadth and depth. As the ecological crisis we're all facing grows even more urgent—and the mourning and despair that accompanies it even more crushing—this collection couldn't be more timely; the modern environmental movement is searching for answers, and Tucker presents a challenging, and compelling, argument that for too long we simply haven't been asking the right questions." 

- Will Potter, TED Senior Fellow and author of Green Is the New Red