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​Massively revised and expanded second edition. This book collects essential essays originally printed over the last decade in Green Anarchy, Species Traitor, Green Anarchist, Black Clad Messenger, and more.

From the introduction:

"The essays in this book, written between 2000 and 2010, take on a number of different voices and approaches with that momentum. Some feel raw, others more refined. Taken as a whole, they cover much of the full span of anti-civilization critique.

From here, it unfurls in many directions. There is no aspect of civilization that should be spared of shredding its mythology and attacking its ongoing processes. The flow of power remains tethered to a finite Earth. The systems in place to keep that power moving morph in form and intensity, but they follow the same patterns that civilization always has. History doesn’t repeat itself; these old wounds just remain open.

And the world we face now is in many ways cataclysmically worse.

None of the warnings were heeded. Nothing was learned from mistakes of the past. There have been moments where it felt like a reckoning was coming. We were almost going to address climate change and endemic die-offs, but those efforts were diluted into symbolic policy proposals. Our world is on fire: flooding in regions, parched and on fire in others. Wars continue unabated as we once again teeter closer to nuclear war. Children continue to suffer the worst of it all.

For those of us who have known what to look for, there is no satisfaction in being right. There is no moment where a prediction coming true feels at all hopeful or satisfying. The point was never to prophetically portray what was to come, but to voice a carrion call that we have the power and agency. We can do something about this.

The world has always fought civilization. The world is struggling. The wild remains."