FIFTH ESTATE  #414 Fall 2023

FIFTH ESTATE #414 Fall 2023

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Long-running Detroit-based anarchist publication, printing since 1965!

A photo shows a line of masked Seattle protesters with arms linked, all facing the camera.




Abolish the Family
Sophie Clark

Polymath: Alex Comfort
Eric Laursen

Pets DC: Rise of the Pets
Ramon Dines and Kit Brixton

Jonathan Leake

Letterpress Revolution
Kathy E. Ferguson

This Rancid Mill
Kyle Decker

Karl Marx Private Eye
Jim Feast

Me, Mikko, and Annikki
Tiitu Takal

Red Squared Montreal
Norman Nawrocki

Present Continuous
David Grundy

Under the Banner of King Death
David Lester and Marcus Rediker

Carmen – film
Dir: Benjamin Millepied

SDS: Students for a Democratic Society
Kirkpatrick Sale

Black Mask from Art to Action
Nadja Millner-Larsen

Rattling Chains
Political Prisoners

On Community
Casey Plett

Eat the Rich
Peter Werbe

Anarchism: A Very Short Intro
Alex Prichard

Sean Swain

Elite Capture
Olúfemi Táíwò


Issue Into
Fifth Estate staff

A.I. Psychosis
Jess Flarity

Arrest in Jen Angel Killing
FE Staff

Even Without Clocks – Fiction
Zvi Baranoff

Burning Colonialism
Jeff Shantz

Remembering Ronald Creagh
FE Staff

Alfredo Cospito Hunger Strike