FIFTH ESTATE  #412 Fall 2022

FIFTH ESTATE #412 Fall 2022

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Long-running Detroit-based anarchist publication, printing since 1965!

A photo shows a line of masked Seattle protesters with arms linked, all facing the camera.



Books Reviewed:

Sexual Revolution: Modern Fascism and the Feminist Fightback
Laurie Penny

Their Blood Got Mixed: Revolutionary Rojava and the War on ISIS
Janet Biehl

The Lady Anarchist Cafe
Lorraine Schein

The Poverty of Student Life
Collected Essays

We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow
Margaret Killjoy

Wild Socialism
Charles Reeve

The New Science
Marshall Sahlins

The Northman – Film
Dir: Robert Eggers

The Weight of the Stars
Agustín Comotto

A Desert Pilgrim’s Bestiary
Anthony Walent

We Hereby Refuse
Frank Abe

Never Work
Collected Essays

Anarchist Anthropology
David Graeber

How to Read Marx’s Capital
Michael Heinrich


Fascism is Not an Information Problem
Jack Bratich

Anarchist inspired resistance in Ukraine Then & Now
Rui Preti

Remembering Peter Lamborn Wilson
David Tighe

An Army of Jacks
Peter Lamborn Wilson

Revolution in the Syrian Desert
Çîrok Ecnebî

Lost Anarchism & Surrealism of the 1960s

William Blake’s Fourfold Vision
J.M. White

Joseph Déjacque Conference
John Clark

Burning Money
Sascha Engel

Back to 1911
Peter Lamborn Wilson

Anarchism & Critical Race Theory
Thomas Martin