FIFTH ESTATE #406 Spring 2020

FIFTH ESTATE #406 Spring 2020

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Long-running Detroit-based anarchist publication, printing since 1965!

The theme for this edition of Fifth Estate is Justice.

"Since the political state arose thousands of years ago and began replacing communal societies, justice has meant “Just Us.” That is, the construction of legal systems solely benefiting the top of the social pyramid designed to protect the property of the ruling class and to thwart attempts to alter the repressive power and wealth arrangements. Our writers look at the history of justice, how it is used for class rule, and what would be an equitable solution. We know it as anarchism."


-Dispatch from Exarchia: “Calling all comrades!” Athens Neighborhood is Home to Anarchy by S. FLYNN

-Google’s Utopia: Our Nightmare—SidewalkToronto: A City Redesigned by KIM A. BROADIE

-Seeing is Obeying: Authoritarian Aesthetics & the Afterlife of Fascism in Neoliberal Democracy by CLAYTON J. PYKE

-The 2020 Election: What to do while waiting for the Revolution by PETER WERBE

-Withdrawal & Re-Entry by JOHN ZERZAN

-Is the government ready to say Fuck The Draft? by FE STAFF

-Why Zines Refuse to Die: Samizdat & Xerography by JASON RODGERS

-This is What Domestic Terrorism Looks Like: Home is Where the Hatred Is by CARA HOFFMAN

-Mercalli scale (poetry) by ROBIN DELLABOUGH

-Anarchists & Vaccines: Anarchists & Anti-Vaxxers Share a Distrust of the Medical Establishment & the State by BRUCE TRIGG

-Anarchy in the Midwest: What the European Invaders Discovered by ROB BLURTON

-The Liberation of the Word by STEVEN CLINE

-Anarchic Justice at the End of History by JOHN CLARK

-The Parable of the Horseshoe Crab & the Seagull by RON SAKOLSKY

-Unrepentant! Anarchists at Sentencing

-Counteractivity, Counterculture & Alternate Encounters by BRYAN TUCKER

-Dispatch From New Orleans (fiction) by ANNE BABSON

-We Support Anarchist Prisoners by ROBCAT

-Justice: Not Conditioned in Heaven by TOM MARTIN

-Our Endless Grief (poetry) by JAIME HUENÚN VILLA

-They Gave Their Eyes for Chile to Wake Up: An Unending Insurrection by JESÚS SEPÚLVEDA

-Nisi Shawl shows that Science Fiction can still challenge conventions (review) by RICH DANA

-Murder, Psychedelics, & The Primal Anarchist (review) by STEVE KIRK

-Luigi Galleani: the Most Dangerous Anarchist In America (review) by DAVID ROVICS

-What Can Repair the Trauma we all Suffer? (theater review) by MIKE WOLD

-Coup des Lumières (poetry) by C.M. WODE

-Letters to the Fifth Estate