FIFTH ESTATE #405 Spring 2020

FIFTH ESTATE #405 Spring 2020

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Long-running Detroit-based anarchist publication, printing since 1965!

"Although there is no specific theme this issue, the totality of our articles affirms a longstanding commitment to the philosophy of anarchism that is now an existential necessity given the political and environmental crises the world faces.

Can a body of ideas, considered impractical by many, and ignored by most, rise to the point where it is powerful enough to challenge centuries old modes of hierarchal rule and ecological destruction?

Tinkering within the system for minor changes only increases the possibility of catastrophe. We have work to do!"


The Logic of the Telescope Against the wisdom of Hawaii’s Native People by STEVE KIRK

Seattle Far-Right Shooter’s Trial Ends in Hung Jury: How can we get justice in an unjust system? by RUI PRETI

Museum Chronicles Fightback & Victories Against Gentrification: The storefront housing the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space in NYC by BILL WEINBERG

Why anarchists should take up the 50-year-old project of the Gray Panthers by ERIC LAURSEN

We Have Work To Do Before Catastrophe Strikes: Musings on My 84th Birthday by DAVE HANSON

Fifth Estate Censored by Prison Authorities: All issues blocked to Pennsylvania prisoners by FE STAFF

Feral Technology: Is going backward the only way forward? by RICH DANA (RICARDO FERAL)

After the Buses Burned: Will Van Spronsen’s Final Act Against Evil by DAVID ROVICS

The Marvelous Dance of Anarchy & Individuality: On the occasion of Emma Goldman’s 150th Birthday by RON SAKOLSKY

Transhumanism? Apocalypse Soon? by JOHN ZERZAN

Will there be a new military draft? Why should we care? by EDWARD HASBROUCK

IWW Takes on the Freelance Journalist Gig Economy by KAMAL ISLAM

Raging Against the Machine at the Dawn of the Anthropocene (review of Red Round Globe Hot Burning) by JOHN CLARK

Anarchist Cuba: Countercultural Politics in the Early Twentieth Century (review) by S.K.

In Havana? Conference on Trotsky? by PETER WERBE

Between Earth and Empire: From the Necrocene to the Beloved Community (review) by PETER LINEBAUGH

Godless: 150 Years of Disbelief (review) by PETER WERBE

Religion: Aztec Style by LOWELL BOILEAU

Parenting Without God: How to Raise Moral, Ethical, and Intelligent Children, Free from Religious Dogma (review) by PW

The U.S. War On Vietnam: Reflection on a Refugee Journey (review) by WENDY WILDFLOWER

Let Us Now Praise Idle Men (and Women) by SUZANNE FREEMAN

Freedom in Solidarity: My Experiences in the May 1968 Uprising (review) by S.K.

A history of a little Detroit printing co-op that gave us “Society of the Spectacle” & a lot more (review) by PETER WERBE

Infomodities: All the Psy-Ops that Fit the Screen by JASON RODGERS

Film as Social Critique: The work of Glauber Rocha (review) by MURIEL LUCAS

Rebellions Rock the World: But, is there still a vision of revolution? by PAUL WALKER

Call of Duterte: Western Reporting on the Philippines’ Totalitarian Drift by TOM SYKES