FALLS OF RAUROS - Key to a Vanishing Future CD

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Available in both Digipak (Gilead Media) and jewel case (German import from Eisenwald Records)

"Musically, "Key to a Vanishing Future" is an intended departure from the sounds explored throughout the band's back catalog, while still retaining characteristics inherent to Falls of Rauros. Never content to make the same album twice, the group has once again invited new influences into their aesthetic, this time including more explicit nods to death metal and prog rock while still drilling deeper into the black metal and North American folk-rock that makes up their core sound. This is once again their heaviest album to date, as well as their most technically demanding. The album was recorded by the band themselves in their rehearsal space in late 2020/early 2021, befitting of the natural and organic sound pursued for the album."