ELEMENTAL'S ORRERY - s/t cassette

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"The new band Elementals' Orrery (Spencer Clark from The Skaters and Nicolás Carcavilla AKA Embassador Dulgoon) album has landed to investigating vistas of Sand Cyber Peoples in other realms of Chilean High Mountains, reaching outside time cycles to reflect the two recording artists' image of their cultural-head surroundings. Infusing Carcavilla's new intergalactic space melody vibe, of say Vangelis, with lots of layered sounds of space ships and doors opening, that layered an area for Clark to ride into and sculpt a "Turned-On Renaissance" featuring grunge guitar and alien-speak.

And now, as its done, Elemental’s Orrery becomes Sand Desert Ren Civilizations. A Ren music that is super earth-based sandstorm metallic shine, but from a Ren people are of some Chilean Zoroastrianisms. This Elemental’s Orrery is the birth of a New Band, and one that is sticky earthy dust grime and 3D superspace doors."

- Pro-dubbed & full color double-sided cover.
- Flexy big box
- Limited edition of 150
- Total estimated running time: 30 minutes