The Donald Farmer Collection Volume Two (Blu-ray)

The Donald Farmer Collection Volume Two (Blu-ray)

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Volume Two contains four shorts with introductions and commentaries from Donald Farmer:

A FISTFUL OF PASTA - Three comical Cowboys set off on a perilous journey, climaxing in a three-way gun duel.

DESPONDENT YEARNING - A one night stand leads to romantic obsession and murder.

HOMICIDAL - An abusive father accidentally kills his small daughter and tries to cover up the crime. This sets the stage for a violent confrontation between the killer and his wife's boyfriend

INTERSPERSIONS - Two girls are living and a hippy lifestyle in a country house, but soon the walls between reality and fantasy start to blend until no one is sure what's really happening

76 mins. All shorts are silent but include commentary by Donald Farmer. Also includes video intros by Donald. BD-R (all BD-R's are professionally pressed and silk screened by Discmakers). 

Limited to 200 copies