DIM - The Holy Crag cassette

DIM - The Holy Crag cassette

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Limited to unknown number of copies... Found amid burning earth, dormant for too long. Unable to make out etching made by maker, though a second symbol is present, one less weathered, suggesting it was added at a later date from its creation. Reminiscent of a goat's head, extreme horn fixture and overgrowth. Who marked this, and for what purpose did they...


Amid the great chasms and sounds of myriad incantations, a nameless traveller bitten with the foul teeth of curiosity seeks absolution from past ails. Only through that terrible door wholly afflicted by frostbite and abandon can they hope to find that nameless thing all determined individuals search for in hopes of an immortalized name.

Though as often is the case, such sojourning often ends in failure, and like that crag of the furthest mountain covered over with white, and those veritable howls made by esoteric ones lying in wait, only the lifeless embrace of the deep remains.