CRYSTAL CANYON - yours with affection and sorrow LP

CRYSTAL CANYON - yours with affection and sorrow LP

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Second full-length from Portland Maine shoegaze/dream pop group, Crystal Canyon

"In 2014, lead vocalist and guitarist Lynda Mandolyn met guitarist and vocalist Todd Hutchisen in a recording session at Todd’s Acadia Recording Company studios.  She was recording an album with her group Tiger Bomb when the two hit it off, bonding over a shared love of classic shoegaze albums.  They formed Crystal Canyon shortly after, bringing in a rhythm section composed of Todd’s former collaborators, which featured Jeremy Smith on bass and Hayes Porterfield on drums.

The group won fans domestically and abroad with their 2018 independently released, self-titled album, owing much of their early radio success from the support of DKFM Shoegaze Radio. Crystal Canyon has shared the stage with bands such as Stars, PVRIS, Weakened Friends, and Ratboys among many others.  They are infamous for their intricately sculpted guitar tones, ethereal vocals, and Todd’s frequent destruction of guitars on stage.  Crystal Canyon shows weave expertly between a gentle hush and a wall of loud shimmering noise.

Released on January 29th 2021, yours with affection and sorrow, was two years in the making and has been recently released via Portland’s indie record label Repeating Cloud.  Following the conclusion of the recording, drummer Hayes Porterfield left the band and was replaced by multi-instrumentalist Nate Manning.  Their most accomplished album yet, yours with affection and sorrow is dedicated to the memory of Lynda’s friend and mentor Christopher Girard. They are currently working on writing songs for their third album.

The members of Crystal Canyon are all lifetime vets of the indie music scene and have played in Seekonk, The Baltic Sea, Loomer, Bane, Cruel Hand, and Fabulous Disaster."