ERANG - Anti Future cassette

ERANG - Anti Future cassette

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"Escapism & nostalgia have always been at the foundation of my music. Until now, I've mostly expressed them through Medieval Fantasy... but today, you'll enter another Kingdom!

Because an important part of my childhood "education" can also be found in the movies of John Carpenter, David Cronenberg or David Lynch but also in the books of Stephen King... even the cheap adaptations of them in TV's: I got strong memories of watching them as a kid! The book "Dune", by Frank Herbert, was also one of my father's favorite... Blade Runner, Terminator, Robocop, Predator... Those are all parts of my fond memories!

This album is a musical journey to 80's Science Fiction themes, Horror & Supernatural atmosphere.

This album is a portal to an "alternate Kingdom of Erang"... to another dimension, 1000 years in the future...

This album is... ANTI FUTURE!"