CHUCK STEAK - Top ov The Food Chain 2CD-R

CHUCK STEAK - Top ov The Food Chain 2CD-R

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The Dayside & Nightside ov this active worxing, to be balanced simultaneously is a ritual ov Self unification.

Introducing Skinamarinked Black metal, N0 House, Murdered-Out Muzik, That "get taken to the basement" type shit. "Top ov the Food Chain" is a active worxing in uniting the Day and Night ov Self. The Day/ Ego side ov this testament is refined and restrained. The shadow/ lunar side ov this testament and thus is raw and unrestrained. Each full listening experience will call for balance between each side demanding engagement with the worxing and offering a unique experience with each full listen.

Two discs housed in slim DVD case. Comes with digital download

Limited to 23 Copies