Cannibal Man (Blu-ray w/ slipcover)

Cannibal Man (Blu-ray w/ slipcover)

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From subversive Spanish writer/director Eloy de la Iglesia comes the international hit and DPP 39 ‘Video Nasty’ that remains among the most notorious and misunderstood shockers of the ‘70s: When a slaughterhouse worker (Vicente Parra of NO ONE HEARD THE SCREAM) accidentally kills a man during a fight, it will trigger a desperate descent into madness, mass murder and “the most horrific use of a single apartment since Polanski’s REPULSION” (Mondo Digital). Emma Cohen (CUT-THROATS NINE) and Eusebio Poncela (LAW OF DESIRE) co-star in this “unforgettable mix of Euro arthouse and exploitive sleaze” (DVD Drive-In) – also known as THE APARTMENT ON THE 13TH FLOOR and WEEK OF THE KILLER – now featuring both the International and extended Spanish Versionnewly scanned from the original negatives for the first time ever.

Special Features:

  • Two Cuts of the Film:

– Extended version (Week of the Killer) – 107min
– International version (The Cannibal Man) – 98m

  • Cinema At The Margins: Stephen Thrower and Dr. Shelagh Rowan-Legg on Eloy de la Iglesia
  • The Sleazy And The Strange: Interview with Carlos Aguilar
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Trailer
  • Reversible Artwork

Disc Specs:

  • Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
  • Audio: Extended Version: English Mono w/Partial Spanish, International Version: Spanish mono w/Partial English
  • Subtitles: Extended Version: English (Forced over Spanish Audio), International Version: English
  • Closed Captions: English SDH for both versions
  • Region Free