Burial Ground (Blu-ray w/ slipcover)

Burial Ground (Blu-ray w/ slipcover)

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For his only foray into the zombie genre, psychosexual sleaze maestro Andrea Bianchi (MALABIMBA: THE MALICIOUS WHORE) unleashes enough flesh-ripping, gut-chomping and depraved oedipal mayhem to set insane new standards in Italian horror: Mariangela Giordano (of SATAN’S BABY DOLL and MALABIMBA fame) stars in the splatter classic about a cursed country estate besieged by horny house guests, undead Etruscans and the unusual relationship between a mother (Giordano) and her mega-creepy young son (disturbingly portrayed by diminutive adult actor Peter Bark) that will trigger perhaps the most jaw-dropping scenes in grindhouse history. Severin Films is improbably proud to present the definitive version of this gorehound/sex-fiend favorite, now packed with all-new Extras and featuring a 2k scan and restoration from an immaculate 35mm print recently discovered beneath the floorboards of a Trastevere church rectory.

- Villa Parisi - Legacy of Terror: Featurette on the historic house location
- Peter Still Lives: Festival Q&A with actor Peter Bark
- Just for the Money: Interview with actor Simone Mattioli
- The Smell Of Death: Interviews with Producer Gabriele Crisanti and Actress Mariangela Giordano
- Deleted/ Extended Scenes/ Shots
- Theatrical Trailer


GRISLY CHILLS AND SHOCKS… Sex, blood, incest, suspense and an amazing ending! --- DVD Drive-In

AN INSPIRED SLAUGHTERTHON… Grand splatter in the Italian Cannibal/Zombie tradition! --Chas. Balun, GORE SCORE