Brides of Blood (DVD)

Brides of Blood (DVD)

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The first Sex & Gore BLOOD ISLAND classic remastered Uncut in 4k for the First Time Ever!

In this first unforgettable hit of the BLOOD ISLAND trilogy, legendary Filipino filmmakers Eddie Romero and Gerry de Leon combined ‘50s-style radioactive monster mayhem with taboo-smashing levels of graphic violence, nudity, dwarf-whipping and cuckolding that set insane new standards for drive-in/grindhouse depravity. Hollywood has-been Kent Taylor (BOSTON BLACKIE), former teen heartthrob John Ashley (BEACH BLANKET BINGO) and exotic-dancer-turned-Elvis-squeeze-turned-minister Beverly Powers (KISSIN’ COUSINS, SPEEDWAY) star in this “brutal orgy of ghastly terror” – also known as ISLAND OF LIVING HORROR, JUNGLE FURY and BRIDES OF BLOOD ISLAND – now featuring a 4k scan from a recently discovered 35mm interpositive and presented absolutely uncut for the first time ever!

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary with Hemisphere Marketing Consultant Samuel M. Sherman
  • Jungle Fury: Archival Interview with Co-Director Eddie Romero
  • Here Comes the Bride: Interview with Hemisphere Marketing Consultant Samuel M. Sherman
  • Beverly Hills on Blood Island: Interview with Actress Beverly Powers a.k.a. Beverly Hills
  • Alternate BRIDES OF BLOOD ISLAND Title Sequence and JUNGLE FURY Title Card
  • Teaser Trailer
  • Trailer
  • Poster & Still Gallery