AFRAID - Sinister Vibes cassette

AFRAID - Sinister Vibes cassette

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"Like a brand new MacBook Pro filled up to critical mass with murder porn, the blood will come (spoiler alert). But when it does it is impossible to tell where from. Stigmata or spray from blunt impact? This works well with 'Sinister Vibes'... a powerful piece of subversive media...The stench of death is somewhere close, but even rot can smell sickly sweet."
-Tome to the Weather Machine

"This is misunderstood-psycho-core; Jason Voorhees' posthumous bedroom demos; a lullaby that is - according to the 911 dispatcher - coming from inside the house. Yet the vibes stay low-key, and the languid sax solo of "Hometown Strangler" is a satisfying touch. Sinister Vibes spills across your face like the moon just before the night terrors and sleep paralysis set in to keep you wide awake, shuddering, until morning."
-Dispatch Magazine

"...truly fascinating and addictive."

"...deliberate in its purpose, and powerful in its meaning."
-Impose Magazine

"Although [Afraid's] earlier work was a bit more on the abstract side, they’ve slowly morphed into a band whose purpose seems to be in creating gloomy atmospheres and lethargic rhythms.... It’s fascinating and successfully draws out every note until the bonds between them seem ready to split and shatter, but the band is able to hold everything together - despite the ever-present sense of dissolution that hovers over everything."