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"The self-titled A Primitive & Savage Land 7” was released right around the time social media first dug its claws into everyone’s consciousness, redirecting much of how the DIY punk community functioned. Records were still fairly inexpensive to press and it was thrilling to see Portland Maine finally bring something new to the hardcore punk table. Much like Pinko & the Action Boys, AP&SL were unabashedly regional, contagiously energetic and dependably fun to watch play in close quarters. All of their songs are around a minute long and still sound fantastic to these ears. This EP was also released on cassette with a bonus song, but I haven’t seen one of those in ages. There’s probably more copies of the record to be uncovered in someone’s dusty attic space, but this is the last one from the small bunch I was allotted in exchange for handling cover art. Numbered 187 to make your bedroom spinkicks extra deadly as you collide with the retrojection of a scowl-fueled circle pit. Don’t let 2020 cloud your memory- Dancing at shows used to happen, but certainly not all the time. The era of Maine Punk corresponding to the artifact at hand was an exception, however." -Mad