INCREDIBLY STRANGE FILMS  ed. Jim Morton & Boyd Rice


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Incredibly Strange Films is a functional guide to important territory neglected by the film-criticism establishment, spotlighting unhailed directors -- Hershell Gordon Lewis, Russ Meyer, Larry Cohen, Ray Dennis Steckler, Ted V. Mikels and others -- who have been critically consigned to the ghettos of gore and sexploitation films. In-depth interviews focus on philosophy while anecdotes entertain as well as illuminate theory. The guide includes biographies, genre overviews, filmographies, bibliography, quotations, an A-Z of film personalities, lists of recommended films, sources, index, as well as 172 photos.

V. Vale is a popular-cultural investigator as recognized by The New York Times, NPR and other major dispersers of culture and the news. He has been self-publishing for over 30 years and now is a talk-show host on The Counter Culture Hour in San Francisco. Jim Morton has been watching and writing about cinema and other popular culture subjects since 1980. His periodical Pop Void was gathered into the book, Pop Void: A Journal of Popular Culture in 1988. He is an international traveler in the field of marketing and print publishing.