CORUM - Beguiling Isles Trilogy 3x cassette boxset

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"A gradual arc from low key tropical travelogue into full blown fantasy exotica. 'Born Of Earth's Torments' is the most varied of the three, registering somewhere between Martin Denny and Jules Verne. Tracks such as "Body Core" bubble and fizz roots and stems of various traditional styles, as though a transistor radio is simultaneously receiving Japanese percussion and music from the inside of a bazaar. 'Effigy Mounds' was created as "an imagined field recording in a hallucinatory cave, where collaged snippets of tape reveal the gradual opening of a deep portal". Meanwhile, other tracks such as 'Flight Of The Westward Star' are fuggy and intense, as though early indigenous psychedelics are permeating back through cave rock - a kind of stoned ape theory, conjuring images of eerie Neolithic ritual. 'Magic Mirror' mixes in 1960s sci-fi TV vibes, with tracks like "Tower Of Preserved Magus In Egg" suggesting unidentified artifacts glistening at the edge of your vision. Corum's work avoids the mere emulation of exotica and its tropes through the sense of adventure that his landscapes present." - Spenser Thompson, The Wire Magazine

- Full color slipcase & fold-out double-sided cassette artwork & liner notes
- Mastered at Stereophonic Mastering by Timothy Stollenwerk
- Limited edition of 100 for the 10 year anniversary release of Beguiling Isles