READY FOR WAR: The Florida Edition: Battle Jacket Photography of Adel Souto

READY FOR WAR: The Florida Edition: Battle Jacket Photography of Adel Souto

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All new fanzine, with never-before published photos, collecting 48 battle jackets from the author's home state. Limited to 100, each copy is signed and numbered.

Adel Souto is a musician, multimedia artist, and writer, currently living in Detroit's Eastpointe neighborhood.

The Cuban-born, Miami-native began playing music in the 80s, first with punk and hardcore (Timescape Zero) throughout the 90s, plus metal (None Dare Call It Treason), and experimental bands (Shroud, Martini Kulture) in the early 2000s. All the while, he has contributed, and collaborated, on albums with bands such as DNME, sound4sound, and The Goslings. He continues to make music as the percussive industrial outfit 156, which has a handful of releases on several labels across the U.S. He has also DJed several events in Miami and New York City.

Adel has been creating many forms of artwork since his grammar school years, and his works have been exhibited in galleries, both group and solo, in Miami, Philadelphia, NYC, and as far off as Belgium, where he lent his talents to a collaborative installation with art group Dream Cam.Era, plus has recently shown in South America (Santiago, Chile). He began to delve in photography, and film, as an art form in high school, and has had his photography published in numerous magazines, including Ink Slingers, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, and Arizona State University's Superstition Review. Adel has produced many photo blogs (see below), and has had a number of photo series posted on several websites, including No Echo , DNAinfo, Brooklyn Magazine, and Viewing NY. To date, he has produced several experimental films, short documentaries, and even a television show (Brooklyn's Alright, which aired on Brooklyn Public Network for two years), while a few of his music videos have screened at New York City's Anthology Film Archives.

He has written for fanzines, and magazines, since the late 80s. During this time, his own 'zine (Feast of Hate and Fear, 1990 - 1998) became an underground favorite, later making it a popular website (2001 - present). He has been published in Maximum RockandRoll, Psychology Today, and several other noted magazines. Since 2005, Adel has also translated the works of Spanish poets and philosophers. In 2010, he published a collection of articles, titled Some Words, and - in 2014 - published a book on experiences during a 30-day vow of silence. Adel is also a published poet (Poetry Super Highway's "Poet of the Week", July 27, 2015), still writes many articles, and is currently working on autobiographical material. He has appeared at many readings and speaking engagements in Miami and New York City, as well as having lectured at NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development's Department of Art on the subject of occult influences in photography