VEGAS - VV 4x cassette boxset

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Abraxas is honored to present audio cassette releases of several key entries in the often elusive, always exceptional discography of mysterious architects of vicious hardcore punk, VEGAS. 

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Please be aware that this is a handmade release and slight cosmetic imperfections may be present.


Apocalyptic hardcore for disciples of Integrity, GISM, Death In June, Catharsis &… VVEGAS.

"[...] when a "Diehard Edition" unexpectedly hit my mailbox a few days ago, I have to admit, I was pretty blown away, and didn't fully realize all that this set has to offer. I mean, we're talkin' a borderline Bacteria Sour level of attention to labor-intensive detail and aesthetics all around." -Aversionline (Read the full review HERE)


STANDARD EDITION (Limited to 50 copies. One per customer):

- Never (Remastered) cassette (opaque red shell with gold norelco)

- Digital Affairs Neurotic cassette (black shell with silver norelco)

- …not ever. cassette (smoky brown shell with smoky brown norelco)

- ReVelations cassette (seafoam green shell with cloudy norelco)

- 64 page retrospective book of interviews and imagery

Includes ReVelations ocard, stickers, patch and enamel pin in a screen printed box with numbered obi strip


DIEHARD EDITION (Limited to 23 copies. One per customer):

- Never (Remastered) cassette (transparent red shell)

- Digital Affairs Neurotic cassette (silver shell)

- …not ever. cassette (transparent purple shell)

- ReVelations cassette (fluorescent green shell)

- 64 page retrospective book of interviews and imagery (with dustcover)

Includes 4 printed all-black norelco cases with obi strips, 4 pin set, enamel pin and wax sealed envelope with stickers, patch, ReVelations ocard and insert in an alternate screen printed box with alternate numbered obi strip, sealed in printed bag

2008 review of Never
2018 review of Digital Affairs Neurotic
2020 review of ...not ever.
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