VEGAS - ReVelations cassette

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Abraxas is honored to present audio cassette releases of several key entries in the often elusive, always exceptional discography of mysterious architects of vicious hardcore punk, VEGAS. 

Limited to 50 seafoam green shells in cloudy norelcos with an ocard, independent of VV Standard Edition boxset.

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Apocalyptic hardcore for disciples of Integrity, GISM, Death In June, Catharsis &… VVEGAS.

Hear about some of the collected material HERE & HERE

"This is bleak, multi-faceted, throat-gripping music — an amalgamation of riveting melodies (including acoustic ones!), massive riffs that slam with the weight of sledgehammers, bone-smashing percussion, and a combo of bearlike vocal roaring and shrieking blood spray. The pacing varies from doom-stricken stomps to crust-punk rampages, with incinerating guitar solos and head-smashing breakdowns to add extra punch. And goddamn, this thing really punches hard." -No Clean Singing