YARROW Tincture

YARROW Tincture

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You may recognize Achillea millefolium from the sides of the road in waste spaces and its high clusters of tiny white flowers.

Yarrow is one of our favorite allies. She grows prolifically wherever planted and spreads easily. Her flowers make a bitter and aromatic tea great for breaking a fever, and the tincture is useful at the onset of a cold. It is an astringent herb, suitable for respiratory issues and restoring tone to tissues. 

She gets her name Achillea from the Greek Achilles- just a small amount of the plant can stop bleeding from a wound. She has been called "the military herb", but we find her spirit gentle and protective.

It is said that the most effective way to cast the I Ching is by using yarrow stalks.As a witching herb, it was used both to summon the devil and to drive him away.

*Pregnant people should seek the advice of a doctor before using Yarrow.

Contains: Yarrow Flowers and Leaves in 40% alcohol.