VIOLET FLOWER ESSENCE by Moon by Moon Apothecary

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violet (Viola odorata)

this beautiful essence helps us to deconstruct & dissipate old hurts that were never fully tended to, that were left to gather clutter & debris causing further obstruction to the fluidity of our inner waters. it is a perfect essence for people who are non-reactionary when hurt or violated, who internalize what has happened. but keep moving forward with life as through nothing as occurred, all the while feeling the weight of not addressing the situation building in various parts of their system. often this leads to emotional congestion & resentment. violet is able to detangle, to meander through & inbetween the dams we have created by avoiding or "putting off" the inevetiable confrontation with emotion, pain, anger, or sorrow. it gently breaks these dams up so we can deal with them piece by piece, releasing us from carrying their weight, & clearing our waters so they may run unobstructed.


are gentle yet potent vibrational remedies, that work to transform our emotional, energetic & spiritual nature. they contain filtered or spring water that holds the energy of the essence and brandy for preservation.

recommended dosage is 1-3 drops up to 3 times per day or as needed, directly on the tongue or added into drinking water.