VALERIAN FLOWER ESSENCE by Moon by Moon Apothecary

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valerian flower (Valeriana officinalis)

made on a sunny summer afternoon in dryden/ny in 2012. this essence is all about honing in, about syphoning, about channeling the heat/the fire: valerian shows us passion, & focus. it is an essence that drops us into our smoldering energy that may be buried (into places of anger, angst, passion) & aids us in both directing & embodying it: teaches us how to harness & honor this energy vs. allowing it to spin out into a wildfire. especially helpful for those who were culturally conditioned to ignore, repress, or smooth over their anger. valerian offers some deep transformation, clarity, & release. like wind through a tunnel, it helps us to disperse any trapped heat & emerge with defined purpose & a sense of tranquility.


are gentle yet potent vibrational remedies, that work to transform our emotional, energetic & spiritual nature. they contain filtered or spring water that holds the energy of the essence and brandy for preservation.

recommended dosage is 1-3 drops up to 3 times per day or as needed, directly on the tongue or added into drinking water.