The Church (Blu-ray w/ slipcover)

The Church (Blu-ray w/ slipcover)

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In the middle of a modern city, an ancient evil is about to awaken! An elaborate cathedral that was once the site of a medieval massacre by crusading knights becomes a deadly trap for a group of visitors and staff when a sealed crypt is accidentally reopened. The laws of reality soon collapse as a nightmare takes hold and claims the lives of those within one by one, threatening to unleash a supernatural pestilence upon the world! Legendary horror maestro Dario Argento (Suspiria, Opera, Deep Red) presents this stylish shocker from director Michele Soavi (The Sect, Dellamorte Dellamore, Stagefright), featuring an avalanche of nightmarish visual effects and a powerful score by Goblin and Keith Emerson.

Starring Tomas Arana, Barbara Cupisti, Asia Argento

Special Features:  Feature presentation at max bitrate with English & Italian DTS Stereo Audio, Reversible Cover, 2 Discs

  • DISC 1: The Church, Audio Commentary with star Barbara Cupisti moderated by Nathaniel Thompson, The Mystery of the Cathedrals with Michele Soavi, Alchemical Possession with Dario Argento, Theatrical Trailer
  • DISC 2: Interviews with Tomas Arana, Barbara Cupisti, Asia Argento, Giovanni Radice, set designer Massimo Geleng, screenwriter Franco Ferrini, and makeup artist Franco Casagni

Scorpion Releasing // 1989 // 102 Minutes // Not Rated // Color // English and Italian with English Subtitles // Region A

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