The Boogeyman (Blu-ray)

The Boogeyman (Blu-ray)

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Region-free UK import

An original UK 'video nasty' Ulli Lommel's creepy classic, THE BOGEY MAN, returns to British shelves in this stunning HD remaster - completely uncut and uncensored!

In this eighties slasher-sickie the spirit of a sleazy psycho-sexual madman is trapped in a mirror during the night of his death. Years later and this evil entity is freed when the glass is destroyed - allowing our invisible prowler to slice and dice his way through a bevy of helpless teenagers and the family of the people who caused his untimely demise. Featuring a cameo appearance from horror legend John Carradine, and an alluring leading lady turn from the sexy Scream Queen Suzanna Love, THE BOGEY MAN was a critical and commercial smash hit upon its original 1980 release.

Now, decades after this sleeper spook-show first disturbed censors across the world, THE BOGEY MAN is ready to haunt your living room all over again. Don't say you weren't warned!!!

Director Ulli Lommel

Cast Suzanna Love, John Carradine, Ron James