TEMPLE OF SET Volume II by Michael Aquino

TEMPLE OF SET Volume II by Michael Aquino

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In 1975, after ten years of exploring its identity, the original Church of Satan confronted the limitations of its Judæo-Christian imagery and a dismissal of humanity as a self-indulgent animal species. An ethical crisis in that year resulted in the organizational and metaphysical transformation of the Church into the Temple of Set, which in subsequent decades went on to become the preeminent initiatory institution premised upon the affirmation and evolution of the individual consciousness to divine essence and immortality.

This book recounts the Temple's creation and early development, by its founding High Priest, Michael Aquino. It is more a memoir than a history, because the scope of the Temple and the works of its many Initiates are far too diverse for any single book.

Included is also an extensive theoretical discussion of Setian cosmology, philosophy, and magic: the famous "Black Magic" from the Crystal Tablet of Set.

The text is augmented by 97 detailed appendices on a variety of topics by many different Setians over the years. This is a 2-volume work compressed to reduce the 431,000-word set to below 1,000 pages. Volume I is in color; Volume II black/white.