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Shock Cinema Magazine is an essential periodical for fans of cutting-edge, retro cinema. Each issue features in-depth interviews with the most intriguing character actors, cult celebrities and maverick moviemakers of all time and critiques a wide array of film obscurities, including grindhouse action, sexploitation, horror, sci-fi, drive-in favorites, kitsch gems, overseas oddities,
and arthouse dementia.

The latest issue features interviews with:
Actress Diane Franklin (Better Off Dead..., The Last American Virgin, TerrorVision).
Actor Jonathan Haze (The Little Shop of Horrors, Not of This Earth, The Terror).
Actress Ena Hartman (Dan August, Terminal Island, Airport).
Director Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling, Piranha, Matinee, Hollywood Boulevard).

There are also dozens of informative and entertaining film, DVD and Blu-ray reviews, including Gary Conway and Angel Tompkins in The Farmer; John Savage and Tracy Pollen in Jan Egleson's The Tender Age [a.k.a. The Little Sister]; Pat Boone, Frankie Avalon and Bobby Darin in the TV-special Coke Time; Regina Linnanheimo in Teuvo Tulio's The Cross of Love [Rakkauden Risti]; Raina Barrett in Tim Kincaid's The Female Response; Paul Perri and Will Lee in Charles Braverman's Hit and Run [a.k.a. Revenge Squad]; Maia Danziger in The Late Great Me: Story of a Teenage Alcoholic; Roberto Benigni and Walter Matthau in Little Devil [Il Piccolo Diavolo]; Primetime Panic: Jennifer Jason Leigh in Death Ride to Osaka, Mare Winngham in Freedom and Ike Eisenman in Dreams Don't Die; Véronique Renaud in Bernard Launois's Devil Story [Il Était Une Fois le Diable]; Geoff Murphy's Uenuku; Chuck Vincent's Summer Camp; Roddy Piper in Jungleground; Pascal Kané's Dora and the Magic Lantern; Hiroko Yakushimaru in Sailor Suit and Machine Gun; Giorgio Ferroni's Mill of the Stone Women...

Giancarlo Giannini and Michel Constantin in Sergio Corbucci's The 8-Wheel Beast; Johnny Hallyday, Karen Allen and Jürgen Prochnow in Terminus; Cliff Richard in Two a Penny; Klaus Lemke's Rocker; Sarah Badel, Alastair Sim and Brian Blessed in Cold Comfort Farm; Ghislaine D'Orsay in Nelo Risi's Diary of a Schizophrenic Girl; James Coburn and Kate Nelligan in Mr. Patman [a.k.a. Crossover]; Francis Huster in José Giovanni's The Sewers of Paradise; Grigori Kromanov's The Dead Mountaineer's Hotel; William Hellfire and Ross Snyder's Mail Order Murder; Isabel Sarli in Armando Bo's Embrujada [Bewitched]; Mac Davis in Cheaper to Keep Her; Lisa Stahl in Shallow Grave; Jean-Pierre Cassel in Gérard Brach's The Boat on the Grass [Le Bateau Sur L'Herbe]; Victor Dryere's 1974: La Posesión De Altair; Daniel Stern and Malcolm McDowell in Allan Arkush's Get Crazy; Jan Svankmajer in Athanor: The Alchemical Furnace; Zena Walker in Danger Tomorrow; Elvis Presley and Mary Tyler Moore in Change of Habit; Pro Golfer Reiko; Larry Yust's Homebodies; and much more...