POISON IDEA - Kings of Punk 2LP

POISON IDEA - Kings of Punk 2LP

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Formed in 1980, POISON IDEA became a household name in the hardcore/punk scenes early in their career, and are known as one of the most notoriously in-your-face acts in the American musical underworld, with an enraged, high-energy live set even more rambunctious than the massive roster of singles, EPs, full-length studio and live releases and more.

POISON IDEA's landmark 1986 full length gets the treatment it deserves: restored and remastered to its full power, expanded to include a bonus 12" of live soundboard recordings from 1984-1986, deluxe gatefold packaging loaded with liner notes, never-before-seen photos- the works!

This version of Kings Of Punk is THE definitive reissue, never mind the shitty European bootlegs and unauthorized domestic versions, this monster package crushes all pretenders!!

Includes a poster reproducing the original Pusmort promo poster- simply A MUST for Poison Idea fans worldwide and ANY fan of 80s Hardcore Punk.