PAUL ZAZA - THE BRAIN Original Soundtrack LP

PAUL ZAZA - THE BRAIN Original Soundtrack LP

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First time this amazing score has been available on vinyl! 

  • Audio pulled from original tapes

  • Liner notes by Paul Zaza

  • 2XLP - Side D includes 6 bonus tracks

  • Stoughton gatefold packaging, 2 full-color inner sleeves

  • Mini “one-sheet” & “Independent Thinking” brochure included

  • Album artwork by Earl Kess / Inside gatefold artwork by Chloe Manon

Imagine a pulsating mass of gray matter, expanding in size and strength as it takes control of human minds and devours human bodies. It could never happen, right? Just watch Independent Thinking, starring Dr. Anthony Blakely (David Gale, Re-Animator), a hot new TV program. But as the show's ratings continue to soar, so does the suicide and murder rate among its viewers. What they don't know is that Dr. Blakely has teamed with an alien brain and plans to gain control of all humanity.